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Henry’s parents were born in Mexico. Immigrated to the US as non-citizens. Henry was born in Wilmington CA. He is one of 14 children – 7 males and 7 females. Henry is the youngest of the males, and number 12 of 14. Raised his entire life in the Wilmington & San Pedro area. He is the only attorney in his family.


  • Phineas Banning High School – High School Diploma
  • Harbor Junior College – AA Degree
  • California State University Long Beach – BA Degree
  • Southwestern University School of Law – JD Degree

Professional Associations

  • State Bar of California
  • LA County Bar Association
  • Long Beach Bar Association
  • California Attorney’s for Criminal Justice
  • California Public Defender’s Association
  • Inns of Court

Significant Career Employment

  • 1963-1964 – Professional Basketball Player against Harlem Globetrotters (World Tour & European Tour)
  • 1965-1971 – Detective for the LA District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation
  • 1971 – Admitted to the State Bar of California & Admitted to US District Court/ Central District of California
  • 1971 – Opened his own practice. Began with both Criminal and Family Law cases, but since 1974 has been handling exclusively Criminal Law cases

Speaking Engagements

  • Voir Dire (Jury Selection) seminar to the Los Angeles County District Attorneys
  • Voir Dire (Jury Selection) seminar to the Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office
  • Opening Statement seminar to the Alternate Public Defender’s of Los Angeles County

Famous Cases

  • People v. Bruce Koklich
  • People v. Alfonso Bologna
  • People v. Baudilio Perez
  • People v. Michael Salazar (Case No: VA08270)
  • People v. Bryan Petty (Case No. VA129720)
  • People v. Shawn Halloran (Case No.: NA096519)
  • People v. Jose Luis Torres (Case No.: NA097708)
  • People v. Westley McDowell (Case No.: NA090325
  • People v. Russell Douthit (Case No.: NA098946)
  • People v. Daniel Moine (Case No.: YA049260)
  • People v. Baudillo Perez
  • People v. Kai Lozano (Case No. NA079670)

Famous Phrase to Clients

“Your case is the most important to us, because to you – it’s the most important thing in the world.”

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