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Of all the criminal charges a person can face, homicide charges are some of the most severe and carry some of the harshest possible penalties. Therefore, if you or a loved one has been arrested on any homicide charge, it is vital to secure legal counsel from a Long Beach homicide defense attorney as soon as possible. The Law Offices of Henry Salcido provides comprehensive legal counsel in the most complex criminal cases filed in Long Beach, CA. We understand how isolating and distressing it can be for anyone to face the most severe criminal charges possible in California, and we want to provide the legal counsel and guidance you need to approach your case with peace of mind.

Our team has years of experience handling homicide cases. We know how Long Beach area prosecutors build homicide cases and pursue convictions. We know how to guide our clients through the criminal justice system with solid information and comprehensive legal support. We can help you determine your best available defenses and understand how your case is likely to unfold

Why Should I Hire a Long Beach Homicide Defense Attorney?

Working with the right attorney in a homicide case is crucial if you want the best chance of avoiding conviction or, at the very least, minimizing your sentence. Every American citizen has the right to legal counsel when they are charged with a criminal offense. However, if a suspect cannot afford an attorney or is unwilling to pay legal fees to a private defense attorney, the state will provide a public defender to ensure the suspect has their constitutional right to legal counsel fulfilled.

Public defenders are court employees tasked with representing clients accused of crimes who are unable or unwilling to pay legal fees to private defense attorneys. While some people may believe that a public defender is a logical choice because they cost the client nothing, the reality is that a private Long Beach homicide defense attorney can offer much better legal representation than even the best public defenders. The vast majority of public defenders are competent and dedicated attorneys, but they must manage very difficult caseloads and can provide very little individual attention to each of their clients.

When you choose a private Long Beach homicide defense lawyer to represent you, they can offer more personalized legal counsel than a public defender. If you work with the Law Offices of Henry Salcido, our team will help you thoroughly explore every potential channel of defense available to you and provide you with timely and responsive updates as your case unfolds.

Understanding Homicide Charges in California

“Homicide” refers to one person taking another person’s life. Many different types of homicide charges may be filed after such an incident. The type of homicide charge filed against a defendant typically depends on their behavior leading up to the incident and whether they acted with malice aforethought or a measured intention to take the victim’s life. For example, some homicide charges stem from accidents, while others occur in the heat of the moment. The most severe homicide charges are filed when offenders act with malicious intent and know their actions will lead to the victim losing their life.

The different types of homicide charges that may be filed in the Long Beach criminal court system include:

  • Murder in the first degree. This homicide charge is the most severe and pertains to the intentional, deliberate, and premeditated killing of another person. Premeditation is the most crucial factor in this type of homicide case. The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant planned to kill the victim in question in advance of the incident to secure a conviction.
  • Murder in the second degree. This homicide charge describes the killing of another person that was willful but not planned or deliberate. For example, two people get into a fistfight, one punches the other and knocks them to the ground, and the victim hits their head and dies from a traumatic brain injury. The offender acted intentionally but did not intend or plan to kill the victim.
  • Voluntary manslaughter. This charge refers to the killing of another person that was intentional and willful but not premeditated. For example, one of the most commonly cited types of voluntary manslaughter would be a married person coming home to find their spouse in bed with someone else and then shooting and killing another person. They knew the consequences of their actions and carried them out intentionally but did not plan for the incident.
  • Involuntary manslaughter. This offense pertains to any situation in which the defendant did not act with malicious intent but instead acted with reckless disregard for the safety of others and caused the victim’s death.
  • Vehicular manslaughter. This is a particular type of homicide charge reserved for any situation in which a driver kills a person while operating their vehicle. Depending on the driver’s behavior, they may face misdemeanor or felony charges for this offense.

These are some of the most severe criminal charges anyone can face in California. Therefore, if you are charged with any homicide, it is vital to know your best available defenses. Depending on the type of homicide charges filed against you, it’s possible to face several years in prison, heavy fines, long-term probation, a loss of your constitutional rights, and civil liability for a wrongful death claim from the victim’s family. If you find yourself in this situation, you need a Long Beach homicide defense attorney to help you formulate a solid defense.

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The Law Offices of Henry Salcido can provide the legal counsel and professional resources you need to navigate the most difficult criminal cases in Long Beach, CA. Our team has years of experience handling difficult homicide cases of all kinds, and we know the challenges facing defendants in these situations. If you or a loved one needs defense counsel for any type of homicide charge, contact the Law Offices of Henry Salcido as soon as possible to schedule a consultation with a reliable Long Beach homicide defense attorney.

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