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Every year, thousands of Americans experience domestic violence in their homes. While domestic violence is a serious matter and anyone who commits domestic violence should face criminal prosecution, false accusations can and do happen in the US. Therefore, if you have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence, you need legal counsel you can trust to guide you through the criminal justice system with confidence. In addition, if you did engage in any form of domestic violence, you need legal representation to help you mitigate your penalties.

The Law Offices of Henry Salcido can provide the defense counsel you need when you have been charged with domestic violence in Long Beach, CA. Our team has years of experience handling complex criminal defense cases, including those involving domestic violence. We know how Long Beach prosecutors compile their cases and the tactics they use to secure convictions. Rest assured that our team will help you navigate your domestic violence case with confidence.

Why Should I Hire a Long Beach Domestic Violence Attorney?

If you were wrongfully accused of domestic violence or acted in self-defense, you may believe that simply explaining your side of the story can be enough to have your charges dropped. The reality is that the criminal justice system seeks to preserve the victim’s safety in any domestic violence case. While the police and state prosecutors must uphold the laws of due process, it is easy to feel that the entire system is against you when you have been charged with domestic violence, whether or not you did anything wrong.

Every American has the constitutional right to legal counsel when charged with a crime. However, if a defendant can’t afford a private defense attorney’s legal fees, or if they do not wish to pay out of pocket for legal representation, the court can appoint a public defender to represent them. While most public defenders are talented and hardworking attorneys, they must handle several cases at a time. As a result, they typically cannot provide much individual attention to any given case each day. By comparison, a private Long Beach domestic violence defense attorney can offer a more robust defense and provide you with the legal resources you need to feel more confident about your situation.

Understanding California’s Domestic Violence Laws

The term “domestic violence” is broad and covers a wide range of actions. It also applies to many more situations than just incidents of violence between spouses or household members. For example, in California, domestic violence may involve:

  • Married spouses who live together.
  • Formerly married spouses who live separately.
  • Romantic partners who cohabitate or live separately.
  • Household members, including extended family members.
  • Parents and their children or stepchildren.
  • Roommates who have no familial relationships.

Domestic violence can apply to many more situations than most people realize. Additionally, domestic violence does not always apply to physical abuse. Sexual assault, threats, stalking, and neglect of children can all qualify as domestic violence under California law.

If you are accused of domestic violence, it is easy to believe that the system is working against you from the first steps of your case. However, the police have a legal obligation to protect an alleged victim from an alleged abuser, even if physical evidence of domestic violence is not immediately available. Therefore, it is technically possible for you to be arrested for domestic violence on the word of your accuser alone. This can be a frightening and frustrating situation for anyone, and it is essential to know your rights when you have been accused of domestic violence in Long Beach, CA.

Potential Consequences of Domestic Violence Conviction in California

Anyone convicted of domestic violence potentially faces very harsh punishment. Depending on the type of violence committed and the other details of the case, the defendant could potentially face several years in prison, heavy fines, and a loss of their constitutional rights. It’s also possible for them to lose any custody rights they may have had over their children, especially if their children are involved in the domestic violence case in any way. In addition, victims of domestic violence typically seek restraining orders against those they accuse of domestic violence, so the defendant may be barred from returning home or coming anywhere near their children’s school or daycare center.

If you are accused of domestic violence, you need to secure legal counsel from an experienced Long Beach domestic violence defense attorney as soon as possible. Your relationships with your children could be on the line, and you will likely face other personal and professional consequences as well if you are convicted.

What to Expect From Your Long Beach Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

When you work with a reputable and experienced Long Beach domestic violence defense lawyer, they should be able to provide detailed information that allows you to understand your case in the greatest possible detail. For example, if you have been wrongfully accused or acted in self-defense and your attacker accused you of initiating the incident in question, your attorney can help you gather the exculpatory evidence you need to prove the reality of the situation.

One of the most important things to remember about any domestic violence case is that if the court issues a restraining order against you, even if you know it to be unjust and based on a false accusation, you must comply with the order completely. Failure to adhere to the terms of your restraining order will immediately place you in contempt of court, and you could face severe legal penalties, even if your case later reveals that your accuser levied false accusations against you.

When you choose the Law Offices of Henry Salcido to represent you in a Long Beach, CA, domestic violence case, we will work quickly to uncover as much evidence as possible to support your position in the case and solidify your defense. We believe in client-focused legal counsel and will extend the full scope of our firm’s experience, resources, and legal skills on your behalf. If you have been charged with domestic violence in Long Beachand don’t know how to approach your defense, we can help. Contact the Law Offices of Henry Salcido today and schedule a consultation with our team.

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